Microsoft MVP Award: Unboxing!

The other day it dawned on me that I’m actually a Microsoft MVP. Like for real! 🤯

To be honset ever since I received this award it’s been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride with podcast interviews, speaking at 4 different meetups & events in 6 months, Codegarden Umbraco Package Award jury member (more in an upcoming blogpost) and multiple blog posts that I haven’t really stopped and take in the fact that I actually received this award that I dreamed about for so long. Still feels a bit unreal I guess.

And on top of that, I never actually did a Microsoft MVP Award Unboxing post! This must be some sort of crime. 🥶

Well, better late than never I guess...

Once I received the email about being an MVP I got to fill in some address information and a few weeks later I got this lovely box in the mail:

The box contained:

  • A diploma with my name on it.
  • A pin
    (not sure when I will wear this but I will find an occasion for it.)
  • A name tag
    (again, not sure when I will use it but it looks nice.)
  • A secret letter… 🤫
  • The lovely glass award / statuette. 💙
  • A 2022 glass ring / circle to place on my award.
    (The idea is that if I would manage to renew this award next year I will not receive another statuette but instead another ring with another year on it.)

So there you have it, my unboxing post. Hope you enjoyed it.

Cheers friends! 💙