Moving smoothly between Optimizely and Umbraco CMS

Moving smoothly between Optimizely and Umbraco CMS

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had a presentation planned at a lunch meetup in the Knowit Gothenburg office, called "The Optimizely developers guide to Umbraco".


And yesterday was finally the day and it turned out really well and it seemed like people enjoyed the talk.

69 people showed up!
..which might not look like it from the pictures but there was a lot of virtual attendees (spread across all of Sweden). This was far more people than I had expected so it's nice to see such interest about Umbraco in Sweden.

I prepared all the slides in English so that this presentation may be used in other various events and I have already got a few people reach out interest to come and host this session at their company/event. One of which is already booked. More on this later.

Here are a few slides in case you are curious on some of the topics:

Thanks everyone who showed up! ❤️
Hope you had a great time.
I know I had!

Cheers friends!