CMS and Testing presentation at a local "mini-meetup"

Yesterday me and three of my coworkers arranged a "mini-meetup" for a local university here in Gothenburg called Medieinstitutet. We each did presentations that represented our skill: Frontend, Backend (me) and QA.

My presentation was on choosing the right CMS platform for the client and some differences between various CMS systems. This was loosely based on my presentation at the Umbraco Leeds Meetup that I hosted a few weeks ago.

The second part of my presentation was on testing and the different types of testing we as developers work with on a daily basis. It covered Unit, Integration and UI/E2E testing and how much energy and time you should devote on each one of these types of tests with some code samples.

21 students joined this session and we had some great questions and discussions afterwards. Thanks to everyone who showed up, hope I see you all again sometime.

Cheers friends! ❤️