I’m an Certified Umbraco Content Manager

I’m an Certified Umbraco Content Manager

As an Umbraco MVP one of many benefits is a free certification course of your choice. Since I've already taken all the certifications there is from a developers perspective, I chose to sign up to the Content Management Course.

I’ve always been curious to attend this course but I haven’t been able to justify to myself or my boss to attend it since it's targeting editors with zero experience of Umbraco and I’ve in fact been working with Umbraco for the past 8 years. So it was a nice coincidence that I was offered a free course from HQ.

I think it was valuable from a developers perspective to see how the content editors, the people who are working with the features I develop, are taught during this course and I think it has made me a better Umbraco developer. As always the format of the course and certification test was flawless and I'm still equally impressed every time I attend an Umbraco course.

One of the most important courses
This is a course I’m very happy that Umbraco provides because I think that the more content editors around the world that gets certified the more will they recommend Umbraco to their employer when it’s time to develop new projects or switch platform. If these editors get a good impression of Umbraco they will become one of the most important spokespersons and help Umbraco grow even stronger.

This is something that Episerver have been doing really well by heavily targeting content editors and it’s a smart move. Think about it: Imagine that your company is about to develop a new site and you’re considering different CMS platforms and you find out that most of your hired editors who will be working with the new site are already trained and certified on a specific platform, which one will you choose?

Cheers friends! ❤️