.NET Aspire Lightning Talk

Since I returned to Knowit Experience as the new Head of Tech we’ve introduced a new speaker format called ”Tech Fika” in Gothenburg. This is a bi-weekly opportunity for anyone in the tech skill to share whatever they like in an unpretentious ”mini lightning talk” format, all while sharing some Fika together (we swedes do like our fika!).

This is heavily inspired by Microsofts Lightning Talks and it’s supposed to open the door for anyone who is curious to give a talk on a certain subject but might lack the time or thinks it's too scary to present it in a bigger stage format.

So far we’ve had some very inspiring talks on subjects such as AI and Copilot (#h5yr Philip Rasmusson), Optimizely & YARP, Next SSR (#h5yr Mikael Johansson) and yesterday was my turn to share a preview of my .NET Aspire presentation which I will also be presenting later this spring at the Oslo Umbraco Meetup as well as dot.festival.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the slides from this presention:

All and all the new Tech Fika seems much appreciated and hopefully it can grow to more offices within Knowit Experience in the short future.

Cheers friends!  ❤️