Meetup presentation summary: Umbraco, Best of Bread and Composable DXP

Yesterday I was invited to do a presentation at a meetup at Knowit in Gothenburg. The target audience for this meetup was basically anyone that wasn’t a developer and wanted to know more about the various CMS & Commerce plattforms we are partners and work with. 

We had representatives from Optimizely, Litium, Norce (Storm/Jetshop) and then obviously I was representing Umbraco CMS.

Since the audience was non-developers, this was a non-technical presentation where I covered topics like:

  • What is Umbraco and where are they from?
  • How long have they existed and what products do they have?
  • Which clients do we have at Knowit using Umbraco CMS?
  • What does it mean with Composable DXP and Best of Bread?
  • What can Umbraco do for the client?
    For the editor?
    For developers?
    For Knowit?
  • And then I ended with some comparisons between Umbraco and Optimizely (again non-technical) since these are the two major CMS we work with here in Gothenburg.

”Umbraco is not trying to be the solution to all of your problems. They are trying to be the worlds best CMS!”
(On the topic of Best of Bread)

Around 25 people showed up and we had some great discussions comparing the different platforms and when to use which platform (and not to use a specific platform) for various clients. I had a great time and hope everyone who attended feels likewise.

Cheers. ❤️