How do you pronounce Umbraco?

Last week I created a Twitter poll to try to get an answer to how most community members pronounce Umbraco.

Personally, I say 'uhmbra•kow' but here in Sweden where I will, most people will say 'uhm•brackow' and I've always thought that sounds a bit odd.

If you ask Google it will say that it should be pronounced 'uhm·braa·kow', so I thought it's time to have a poll and see what it is once and for all.

Turns out that 'uhm•brackow' is the winner here so it turns out I'm the one who's odd. 😉

I guess this has a lot to do with what language you speak but it's still interesting to hear how different everyone pronounce it. (There's a lot mor variations but Twitter polls only allow 4 answers.)

And apparently this is a age long question that dates back at least 12 years, longer than I've been involved in this community. Thanks Lee Kelleher for the video link: 

Cheers friends! ❤️