Docker Deep Dive

Docker Deep Dive

I want to recommend a really great book for anyone who wants to learn or become better at Docker. See I’m not a Docker ninja, I’ve fiddled with Docker on a few occasions but I never really had the pleasure of being involved in a project where I would need to use it. So my knowledge hasn’t really gone any deeper than the basics.

But I read a lot of books, fiction and nonfiction, and I stumbled across this book by Nigel Poulton (who seems to be somewhat of a guru when it comes to Docker) called Docker Deep Dive: Zero to Docker in a single book.

The book starts very basic, as you can tell from the title you need zero knowledge of Docker going in to this book. Then as you go deeper into the book it covers more and more advanced topics and by the end you pretty much knows most of the things you need to know about Docker on a day to day basis.

One thing in particular I like is the way he starts every chapter with “How would you explain this subject to someone at the coffee machine, in less than a minute.” For example:

"If you’re from the object oriented world, think of an image as a class and a container is like an instance of that class."

And then once you got the simplified version he then goes deeper into the subject in the rest of that chapter. I high recommend this book! I’m already on his other book The Kubernetes Book and half way through it I can already say I recommend it as well.